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Dongguan Chenglong Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Author:Visits:Date:2017/4/20 16:39:44

   Dongguan Chenglong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a mechanical equipment manufacturing company combined its own scientific and technological R&D and top-ranking service with Euramerican design concepts and Taiwan"s precision manufacturing. We are specialized in designing and manufacturing mechanical equipments for plastic sheet materials, such as PVC, PET, GAG, EVA, TPU, PP, PS and etc. Our products cover the areas of High-frequency series(standard machine, nonstandard machine and full-automatic pipeline machinery), Ultrasonic series(mask machine and CD pocket machine), Plastic Sheet Extruding Machine, Fully Automatic Flattening and Slicing Machine, Automatic Cylinder Gluing Machine, Cylinder Curling Side Machine and so on, of which Hydraulic Oil Pressure High Frequency Synchronous Fusing Machine and Automatic High Frequency Rotary Table Welding and Cutting Machine

   Is a great pioneering undertaking in China, filling up the blank of one-step molding of Eco-friendly materials, such as PET, GAG and PETG, accomplishing automatic rotary table function and two-stage working function of High Frequency machine, assuring the the advantages of high quality. Our products are sold far to Europe and Asia, especially among Southeast Asian countries, our products are highly prized for its gold quality.

   In the spirit of faith, innovation, solidarity and enterprising, our company is deeply rooted in serving the customer base at home and abroad. We regard customers’ feedback as the sources of life; quality, the root of life; scientific research, the dynamics of life; services, the continuance of life. At the time of working well on mature models, we have been developing and researching market-oriented new models. Chenglong People is willing to share the market research and information with potential and current customers, for substantial results followed actual efforts.
   We can do it: Not previously possessed, just because today solemnly promised!