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3-roller Fully Automatic Flattening and Slicing Machine

3-roller Fully Automatic Flattening and Slicing Machine

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1) Adopt PLC Man-machine Interface Control System to set 3 rollers' temperature, easy to operate.

2) Utilize Variable Frequency Speed Regulating to feed, and Servo Control System to pull sheet with high slicing precision.

3) With structure of electrical heat tube and heating oils, our machines remain heat very welll.

4) Use Clutch Brake Combination Reducer, sheer speed and low noise.

5) Equiped with Static Eliminator System and simple Slitting Systems, we can produce equipments with all kinds of specifications and functions like winding, longitudinal sltting, corona treatment, laminating, hydraulic slicing, multiple feeding are available as options.


Applicable to the flattening and slicing of the entire film roll, such as PVC, PET, PP, PC and ets.