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Intelligent High Frequency Soft-creasing Line Compound Machine

Intelligent High Frequency Soft-creasing Line Compound Machine

Product Information

Intelligent High Frequency Soft-creasing Line Compound Machine

Model: CL-GP-15KW-850

The new favorite of the market  The expectation of the times

The new-type intelligent high frequency soft-creasing line compound machine is a high quality and high efficiency big Mac machine for producing clear plastic box launched in the market after heaps of times simulation test by our research specialist staff. The performance is excellent and all in readiness, the lead is self-evident. The main difference compared with the same kind of machine is the following characteristics:            

1. The configuration is excellent and the operation is stable;           

2. New appearance, fine workmanship;            

3. The national standard of material, not falsification;

4. The high frequency output is stable, and completely eradicate the sparking phenomenon;        

5. The soft-creasing line is smooth and full, and the weld line is uniform;    

6. Focus on the details, win in the details.

Production process of the new-type intelligent high frequency soft-creasing line compound machine:

Full automatic feeding system       HF automatic welding      dynamic pressure temperature automatic die cutting

      automatic collecting with plastic sheet automatic stackings and slapping system

Standard of the machine is summed up as follows:

Part one Machine introduction

1. Dimension(LxWxHmm): 7200*3750*2350 ; Weight: about 10000KG; Speed: 900-1000sheets/hour.

2. Application: Idea for welding and die cutting PET, PVC, PETG, GAG, TPU etc. materials. Suitable for sheet of maximum size 800*680mm, minimum size 300*300mm. The thickness of the sheet is 0.17-0.65mm.

Part two Component

1. Full automatic forward sucking feeding system: Combined with the ultrasonic double-sheet inspection function, full automatic vacuum suction device, and connection with positioning of printing machine.

2. Servo drive tooth location system: the machine uses PLC to control the servo system, carrying the man-machine dialogue touch screen operation.

3.High power high frequency module: use Toshiba electron tube imported from Japan, match Germany Rexroth hydraulic system,  four positioning, multi screw adjustment plate flatness.

4. Four column die cutting unit: Adopt with four column guide, 4 sets cylinder synchronization device, cast iron plate evenly distributed dozens of electric pipe heaters, multi-screw adjustment of upper and lower plate flatness and parallelism, uniform heating. Servo combined with mechanical positioning, the high precision of the position of the cutter and the weld.

5. Automatic collecting system: Automatic collecting, stackings and lapping after welding and cutting. It can flexibly adjust the number of collecting and transporting, reduce the working procedure and save manpower.

Part three Advantages of intelligent high frequency soft-creasing line compound machine

1. The machine operation is simple and easy to learn. The automatic feeding and collecting system greatly saves the labor cost. The speed of nearly 1000 pieces per hour increases the efficiency of production and greatly increases the capacity of the enterprise.

2. Commissioning mold is convenient and quick. Equipped with double-sheet inspection stop and anti - scratch delivery to reduce the loss of defective products.

3. Connecting the positioning device of the printing machine, combining the servo drive and the mechanical positioning of the tooth location, the accuracy of position of the cutter and the weld is high and the quality of the product is stable.

4. The soft-creasing lines are soft, uniform, and easy to fold. The die cutting edge is smooth and no trimmings, and the product is beautiful.

5. Mechanical parts can also work independently, truly achieve a machine serves several purposes and a machine has several functions.


Intelligent high frequency soft-creasing line compound machine is the best choice for the high quality clear folding box packaging products.